Business Messaging for Today’s Mobile World

Streamline the information gathering process and create a more efficient and client friendly process for communication with Zingle’s messaging-based client engagement platform.

Heather Avila
Chief Operating Officer

"I could have never imagined what text messaging was capable of and the relationships that could be built with it."

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Texting For Retail Stores

Provide faster service and drive more revenue for your retail store through personalized text message communication
  • Automate order/shipping status updates
  • Send product details, images and availability in real-time
  • Personalize coupons based on past purchase or loyalty status

Texting For Car Dealership & Repair Shops

Take your car dealership or repair shop to new roads with text messaging and enable customers to engage in real-time to help expedite the car-shopping and repair process.

  • Schedule test drives and appointments
  • Get instant feedback through text message surveys
  • Automate service appointment reminders

Texting For Food & Beverage Businesses

Zingle is the fastest and most efficient way for restaurants, delis, bars and other food service businesses to take food and drink orders through text messaging. Increase order frequency and eliminate long lines and wait times.
  • Eliminate missed orders and order errors
  • Take reservations via text messages
  • Send personalized marketing text message promotions with images

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