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Hospitality Engage Guests During the Defining Moments of Their Stay

Zingle’s guest messaging engagement platform helps hotels create brand-differentiated service experiences by leveraging data and two-way messaging to create meaningful interactions throughout the entire customer journey.

La Cantera Resort, San Antonio
Chris Nelbach, Director of Revenue Strategies

"In the first two months we used Zingle, we had the highest guest satisfaction scores we’ve ever had."


Serve guests faster and with a
personal touch

Zingle integrates with property management systems and service optimization tools allowing operators to leverage existing data to increase guest engagement and overall staff efficiency.

  • Create real conversations with your guests in real-time
  • Manage multiple conversations across all messaging channels
  • Customize and automate communications around the clock

Optimize tedious processes and increase service recovery

Mistakes happen and bad experiences can have a much larger impact on brand reputation than positive ones. Zingle gives hotels the tools they need to reduce and recover from negative guest experiences.

  • Automatically deploy service recovery workflows with key integrations
  • Easily identify upset guests in real-time through artificial intelligence
  • Turn negative experiences into positives and create brand loyalty

Improve guest satisfaction and drive more (and better) reviews

Online reviews are often the first experience prospective guests have with your brand. Zingle can help identify guests having great stays and encourage them to post positive reviews.

  • Build and deploy quick surveys to ask how your guests are doing
  • Request online reviews from satisfied guests
  • Route unhappy guests through service recovery and escalate to staff