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January 1, 2010

Subway Introduces Text Message Ordering – Subway introduces text message ordering

Subway has just introduced a test of a text message ordering system in southern California. The system, introduced by Zingle, touts improvements in convenience and sales as well as professing to provide a competitive advantage.

A look at their website and a quick search of the web produced some surprising information. Perusing Zingles’ customers indicates that bagel shops and coffee houses dominate the list. Who knew bagel eaters were so impatient. However, a few prominent names appeared that were a bit of a surprise. Quiznos , Papa Johns and Dominos. Curiously though, upon a thorough search of their websites, only Dominos lists mobile texting as an ordering option. Perhaps the others are running a program within limited geography.

Now we Americans can be an impatient group. The advent of the touch pad ordering screen eliminated actually having to talk to the deli clerk and has invaded some quickservice restaurants and hotels as well. The convenience of online ordering is becoming an expectation as opposed to a luxury.

How do our local haunts stand up to the national competition in this regard? Is it only a quick serve phenomenon or will we see it in casual dining as well? Fresh City, operators of about 20 quickservice restaurants have online ordering, as does Papa Ginos/D’angelos, but no text messagin option. Surprisingly neither Au Bon Pain or Finagle offer any convenience options (no, a fax machine isn’t convenient). When reached for comment a representative at Au bon Pain remarked that there was “nothing along those lines planned. But it is an interesting angle”.

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