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How AI is Supercharging the Summer Travel Experience

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This is Part 2 in our ongoing series on Artificial Intelligence. The first story, a primer on what AI really is, and why it matters, can be found here.) As we find ourselves in the midst of another record-setting travel season, companies are working overtime and pulling out all the stops to ensure…

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What is AI, Really, and Why Does it Matter?

AI: Simulating Human Intelligence While the topic of artificial intelligence has been buzzing around for quite some time, there are many misconceptions amongst consumers and businesses as to what AI really is. Part of this is due to its inherent complexity. Part of it is due to the media and Hollywood propagating the notion that…

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Zing-It! Intent-Triggered Workflow Automation

Operational efficiency plays a huge role in providing great guest experiences. Streamlining workflows and removing unnecessary steps in the service process can improve staff productivity while providing faster service for guests. In this Zing-It! Episode, we will show you how Zingle uses artificial intelligence combined with a service optimization system integration to trigger workflow automations…

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Consumer Chatbot Index: Impact on Trust, Brands, and Jobs

While chatbots and digital assistants were created to bring efficiencies to our everyday lives by automating mundane tasks and helping us make decisions on everything from purchases, to personal finance, their impact on the world around us is poised to be far more consequential. Although the majority of chatbot use cases today have relegated bots…

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New Study: Customer Service in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Article written by Jason Hekl, SVP of Marketing at Zingle.  From Solving Problems to Saving Time — How Consumers Feel About ‘Bots’ vs Humans When it Comes to Customer Service Over the last few years, artificial intelligence has permeated nearly every aspect of our daily lives. From the way we shop online and manage our finances,…

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Zingle Secures $11M to Bring AI to the Hotel Guest Experience One Text at a Time

Acquisition of Presto AI Enables the Leader in Business Text Messaging to Harness the Power of Intent CARLSBAD, CALIF. (PRWEB) JANUARY 31, 2019 With more than half of hoteliers planning to increase technology spending in 2019 on innovations that increase loyalty and personalize the end-to-end travel experience, leading business-to-customer messaging solution, Zingle, announced today that it…

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