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March 30, 2017

Texting: Welcome to the Next Revolution in CRM

CRM has evolved from traditional methods of direct advertising and one-way communication into modern mediums such as Social and Mobile. 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a company’s approach to managing its interactions with customers; focusing on customer retention and driving sales growth by collecting and analyzing data about a customer with the goal of improving business relationships.



Emerging from the rise in digital and social technologies, Social CRM enables companies to interact with customers through social media services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. With the explosion of smartphones, the use of texting has exploded, and now businesses are starting to discover the power and benefits of leveraging this unique communication medium.  The use of texting and other messaging platforms for CRM purposes is commonly referred to as Real-Time CRM.


Through both Social CRM and Real-Time CRM, businesses can track ROI and measure key metrics by compiling data like customer behavior, interactions, analytics, and social influence from popular social networks and live customer support.


There are many advantages to integrating traditional CRM with modern practices.  Real-Time CRM is the latest arrow in the CRM quiver, and while best practices are still emerging, the benefits are being rapidly discovered.  For that reason, we’ve put this guide together to show how easily you can incorporate the Real-Time CRM of text messaging into your business.


Texting: the next revolution in CRM

Technology continues to challenge how we think about our business operations. A business is not a business without customers. And without customers, there’s no cash flow; without cash flow, there’s no business. People want to text businesses so it’s only a natural progression that your business would evolve to meet their needs.

Customers provide businesses with priceless feedback. Incorporating Real-Time CRM offers invaluable benefits which can be significantly improved with the integration of text messaging in various areas that include efficiency, enhanced communications, and improved customer support.



While CRM is meant to bring in higher quality leads, some methods prove more efficient than others. Traditional CRM is often tedious, generally manned by a customer support team who field customer complaints and inquiries. Real-Time CRM is quick, efficient, and more collaborative, focusing on customer interactions and engagement.


Simply put, utilizing texting is convenient, easy, and mobile. Everyone knows how to text because the majority of the population engages in text messaging every day. And with an open rate of 97 percent, businesses who utilize texting have a higher rate of getting their message seen.


Texting allows staff to respond whenever, wherever they are, giving them the flexibility to respond on-the-go. When you think about traditional customer service, a staff member can manage up to 5 conversations at once, compared to phone calls, which last 3 minutes on average, and can be managed only one at a time. Text messaging is efficient for reaching your target audience and can benefit your business in a variety of areas.


Texting enhances communication. If cash is king, communication leads you to the throne. 52 percent of customers would prefer texting customer support over their current preferred form of communication. Customers can respond at their convenience, which fits into their lifestyle without the obtrusion of sitting on hold.


Texting improves customer support, which translates into improved customer satisfaction. A 2012 study found that text was the highest rated contact method for customer satisfaction compared with any other customer communication channel.


Text messaging has become the most common form of communication among American adults. Because text messages are seen in a mere instant, businesses can connect with customers faster, which benefits both businesses (less time between conversions) and customers (experiencing quicker customer service).


Texting personalizes CRM. Personal connections are everything these days. 86% of customers say personalization plays a role in their decisions when making a purchase. There’s no longer room for impersonal, cookie-cutter, or generic marketing. If you want to create a loyal customer base, provide them with superior, personable service.


Text messaging gives businesses the perfect opportunity to create personalized two-way conversations with their customers. Having the ability to respond quickly in a personable tone is the modern customer experience customers desire from businesses.  Texting creates a connection with customers that is the closest a business can do to mirror that the person-to-person connection that customers expect from their everyday communications.  


90% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being received. When compared to email, with its meager open rate of less than 28%, text messaging is the difference between grabbing your customer’s attention and being sent into the internet equivalent of a black hole. Texting ensures customers actually see your offers and without languishing in email purgatory.


Text messaging has become the most common form of communication among American adults. Because text messages are seen in a mere instant, businesses have the ability to connect with customers faster, leading to quicker conversion rates.




Not to be confused with mass marketing, Text Message Marketing is the most expedient way to market to customers. But like many other elements of business governed by the law, marketing via text messages can quickly grow murky if legal protocols are ignored. A good example of mass marketing is a business using short code and spamming their customers. Once the business violates the customer trust, the relationship is tainted. In this scenario, text messaging no longer works as an effective marketing tool, but becomes a great way to drive customers toward the competition.


Laws require customers to opt-in prior to receiving text solicitations from any business. This actually serves as a tremendous advantage for businesses; customers signing up to receive promos, coupons, or information, already have a clear known interest. Interest is the number one component in driving conversions and critical for revenue.  


There’s great value in integrating Real-Time CRM with Traditional CRM to better organize sales, marketing, and customer support. CRM helps businesses use technology to gain insight on customer behavior and manage interactions, improving customer relationships and inevitably increasing revenue.




Leading the text revolution, Zingle is a Real-Time CRM solution that allows business to text with its customers in a personal, efficient, and scalable manner.

Combining the immediacy of chat with the flexibility of mobile, Zingle provides businesses with the tools to deliver instant and actionable customer service. With software designed to support, engage, and respond to customers, businesses can offer a superior customer service experience in real-time, setting themselves apart from the competition.


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