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Proactive Service Recovery: The Revenue Strategy You Can't Ignore

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November 20, 2015

Turn Customer Demand Volatility Into Customer Success

In today’s world, businesses face 2 key challenges:

  1. Dealing with change
  2. Staying aligned with customers

Dealing With Change
As the saying goes: change is the only constant. And in the world that we all live, that rate of change is accelerating. The accelerating change has impacts on your business. Your customers are changing. Your employees are changing. Your partners are changing. Let’s face it: our world has a ton of volatility.

In this world of volatility, we have 2 choices:

  1. Fight change
  2. Embrace change

Fighting change means that you don’t keep up with your customers, your employees get frustrated, and your partners move on to more innovative companies. 

Staying Aligned With Customers

The second key business challenge is ensuring that product innovation addresses real customer needs on an ongoing basis – continuous product-market fit.

Customers’ needs are also constantly changing. If asked, customers tell you what they want (“stated needs”). But sometimes customers will need something in the future that they are not focused on now (“latent needs”). And these customer needs can change very quickly.

Staying aligned with your customers in a highly volatile environment means the difference between success and failure.


There is a bright side. Embracing volatility will lead to moving fast, staying ahead of your customers and having a productive workforce. And by ensuring that customer obsession is part of your entire company’s focus will keep your product roadmap creating maximum value for customers.

At Zingle, this customer-centric agile product philosophy is core to our DNA. Customers’ success is at the center of all of our focus and our product development allows us to pivot on a dime to quickly address our customers’ needs. I’m excited to be a part of one of the most agile, iterative, experimental, innovative and high-velocity product teams! There’s no question that lots of our customers’ successes have come directly from our nimble product agility and our unquenchable customer obsession.

Turn volatility into opportunity by staying close to your customers and be willing to be agile. Contact Zingle to learn more.

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