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August 20, 2011

Use of iPads & Apps Help Speed up Ordering

David Wang

Zingle, based in Del Mar, enables businesses to accept orders via text message. Inspired by founder Ford Blakely’s complicated coffee order (single shot, soy mocha, two pumps, no whip), Zingle gives businesses lead time to complete the order for “anything that requires special attention,” Blakely said.

“Our whole business is about speed and catering to customers who hate to wait,” said Blakely, who hated waiting so much, he bought a mobile phone for his favorite coffee shop just so he could text in his order. “Texting has been the most insane phenomenon from a consumer standpoint and it’s taken a long time for texting to enter the (restaurant) field. ”

Businesses get a special phone number and a printer to receive and print text orders. The efficiency has helped the two-year-old business grow to six full-time employees and today, it counts Subway, Smoothie King and hundreds of independent eateries as customers. Zingle also just expanded to New York and has an app waiting for Apple’s approval.

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