Webinar: Get Back to Business with Contactless Communication

Contactless Business Best Practices

As the world begins to reopen amid loosening social distancing requirements, it is an exciting yet challenging time for businesses. To get up and running as quickly as possible, they must navigate new guidelines to keep everyone safe and utilize real-time and contactless communication to keep both customers and employees informed.

Many businesses had been forced to close, while others stayed open and quickly transformed their operations to meet changing demand and new safety protocols. All are facing enormous spikes in incoming requests from customers looking for answers and solutions, straining resources even more.

In a recent webinar, ‘Zingle in Action: Get Back to Business with Contactless Communication,’ Ford Blakely, founder of Zingle and SVP and GM of Medallia Zingle, shared inspiring examples of how businesses have overcome these challenges using text messaging to inform, support and engage their customers.

“The reality is the world has changed and we all realize this change is going to continue for some time,” Blakely said. “We aren’t going back to normal anytime soon. This crisis has spurred so many stories of creativity and resilience.”

Blakely shared the example of a luxury hotel in New York City that reopened to house front-line healthcare workers and used Zingle’s intelligent messaging platform to facilitate contactless guest service, keeping both employees and guests safe. He also showed how messaging has helped big-box retailers and restaurants coordinate seamless and contactless curbside pickup.

“Texting is not just for millennials and younger generations anymore,” Blakely said. “It’s truly the channel we use for our most important communications and the only one that provides businesses today with both the real-time conversation and contactless communication they need now more than ever.”

Mitch Milner, a solutions consultant with Medallia Zingle, then offered a live look at how Zingle works. He demonstrated how the multi-channel messaging platform can be used to create individualized and engaging experiences for both customers and employees in an efficient way. He walked through the different parts of the platform and several use cases, highlighting how any business could use Zingle to manage hiring, HR and recruiting; how retail outlets could provide seamless and contactless curbside pickup utilizing text messaging; and lastly, how hotels could use real-time communication to create contactless guest service as they reopen. 

“Even in the most manual of settings, Zingle gives front-line users the tools they need to be successful and efficient,” explained Milner, while showing how pre-built messaging templates make it easy to quickly respond to situations requiring personal attention. “It’s plug and play to keep your communications on brand and consistent.”

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