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January 19, 2017

Landline texting made possible

Why Businesses Should Start Texting From Their Landline

Face it, it’s 2017: everyone is texting. If you haven’t integrated text messaging into your business, you’re missing out on infinite opportunities to engage with your customers using their preferred method of communication.

Bridging the communication gap between businesses and customers has always been a key component in establishing successful, more personal relationships. Text messaging has helped close the gap even more considerably in recent years. You may still be skeptical, but incorporating text messaging into your business is much easier than you think.

Did you know you can text using your business’s landline number?

If you’ve been in business for a while, your customers may be very familiar with your existing phone number.  Great news – now you can leverage that same number to talk via text as well.  With over 250 million business landlines in the U.S., it’s a no-brainer to  add text messaging to both landline and toll-free numbers. As business texting continues to grow, the world’s largest brands have begun adopting business texting by activating their landline or toll-free number. Whether you are in retail, consumer goods, or professional services, the phrase “Call Us” is quickly transitioning to “Text Us.”  Why is this the case?  It’s pretty simple:  Nearly all customers are using smartphones, and texting has become ingrained in our daily lives, making it an obvious communication platform for progressive companies to leverage, either with a new dedicated number (which we provide you) or by leveraging your existing landline or toll-free number.  

The Zingle platform is capable of differentiating text messages from phone calls. When a customer texts your landline or toll-free number, messages are sent to your inbox where they can be viewed, responses can be sent and two-way engagement can continue.


Texting alleviates the headaches involved with missed communications, annoying emails, or long-hold times. And since customers love the flexibility and immediate engagement texting allots, popularity among businesses to incorporate texting has skyrocketed.

The setup is straightforward and Zingle does all the heavy lifting here to get you up and running.

The ability to add texting to a business’s landline or toll-free number has yielded great success for many customers, streamlining their communication channels and keeping things frictionless yet personalized.

We are constantly striving to develop innovative products as business texting continues to expand within every industry. We are excited to be here to support businesses as they add texting into their business communication methods.  


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