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December 18, 2017

Why Law Firms Need Text Messaging to Improve Client Communication

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Article Updated March 21, 2018
A typical day for a lawyer involves case research, writing documents, sending and responding to emails, meetings, court appearances and hours of phone calls.

Lawyers often spend time on the phone with clients, court clerks, other lawyers, opposing lawyers, and even their boss. Imagine if the number of phone calls was reduced each day, lawyers would be more efficient and get more done.

One of the major pain points lawyers face is time management, so replacing phone calls with text messages can help streamline communication especially when deadlines are tight, and things needed to get done yesterday.

Some benefits of text messaging with clients include:

  • Easy and convenient way to get quick questions answered
  • Real-time communication means no delays in moving important things forward
  • Ability to communicate with multiple clients at one time
  • Save time by eliminating voicemails and phone tag
  • Communicate anywhere without distractions (in loud places or courthouse)
  • Tracked message history to quickly resume previous conversations

Now you know the benefits, you may be wondering how can texting be used for client communication?

Here are some ways your law firm can use text messaging for speedier and more efficient communication.

  • Schedule meetings
  • Court date notifications
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Case status updates
  • Internal staff communication
  • Payment reminders
  • Send links to documents
  • Automated messages (office hours, directions)
  • Satisfaction surveys

Keep in mind that your goal is to keep your clients happy so make sure that you discuss preferred communication methods to avoid surprising them or even worse, annoying them.

Let your clients know that you are open to any form of communication that they prefer, but texting will be one of the fastest ways to get a hold of you and get things moving forward as quickly as possible.

Use a secure text messaging software

For lawyers to effectively manage all text communications with all their clients, a business-level text messaging software is recommended.

Having a texting software enables lawyers to see all their contacts and text messages in one interface, which makes it more convenient to find and message clients.

law firm texting case study Ross & Pines LLC
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Another benefit of using a text messaging software is the level of security it provides over standard phone-to-phone text messages. Business texting solutions are equipped with high-level encryption and security to ensure all messages are safe from hackers.

The bottom line is lawyers have too much to do and not enough time. Utilizing technology like text messaging can help alleviate some of the communication issues that cause delays in case progress. Next time your client wants to reach you, just say Text me!

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