Because Zingle Is More Than Business Text Messaging

For over a decade, Zingle has pioneered SMS and social text messaging for businesses seeking to reduce friction within their customer experience. Now enhanced with artificial intelligence, our customer engagement platform is getting smarter every day and your automations more powerful. We’re continually working to add new features and functionalities and our Customer Success team is there to help you get the most out of our platform.

Our Mission Is To Make The Experience Of Being A Customer Effortless

At Zingle, we love solving problems and are passionate about helping you craft a better customer experience. We work hard, play hard and love giving back to our community and the industries we serve.

Our Goal Isn’t Customer Support — It’s Customer Success

Our team of experts has helped more than 2,000 companies get up and running in no time. Onboarding and staff training come standard with all subscriptions and ongoing chat and phone support, live training workshops and regular business reviews ensure you’re not only hitting your goals, but exceeding them.
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Patience Is No Longer A Virtue

We’ve learned a lot over the last 10 years and have some strong opinions. We believe that top brands like Amazon, Uber and Netflix have changed the expectations of customers. Although very few companies actually compete with those digital powerhouses, today’s consumers have become accustomed to their real-time service. The emergence of this “impatience” has become a fundamental difference between businesses that know what their customers want and those that don’t. Today’s customers don’t just expect faster service, they demand it.
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