Great Wolf Resorts Improves Family Experiences & Boosts On-Property Spend

Over 2,000 businesses rely on Zingle to
power their customer experiences

Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers Las Vegas improved member retention with text messaging
Texas A&M Hotel & Conference Center
Improved staff efficiency & reduced calls with messaging
Intercontinental Hotel Cleveland
Integrated text messaging to streamline guest services
Ross & Pines LLC Law Firm
Reduced phone calls and improved client communication

“With Zingle we are able to generate $5k in additional weekly revenue from late checkout and extended stay.”

Shane Prince, Director of Rooms
Burgeon Beer Co.

Increased customer engagement and boosted sales with Zingle

About North Central Health Care
North Central Healthcare

Improved staff recruitment and increased candidate response rates

Nashville KOA
Boosted NPS Scores and positive reviews with real-time messaging

“With Zingle we can serve 4x more households and save 43 minutes per application by using text messages instead of phones calls.”

AJ Middleton, Senior Program Manager
Rush Cycle
Drove more conversions and quickly spun up a new franchise

Manages increased call volume with messaging

Increased NPS scores with contactless check-in
The Hotel at Auburn University
Created peace of mind for guests with real-time messaging
Increased additional revenue streams by more than 40% with messaging
Real Star Property Management
Used messaging to save nearly $1M during the Texas power crisis
La Cantera Resort

Achieves highest ever guest satisfaction scores with messaging

Affinity Chiropractic

Modernizes the patient experience with intelligent messaging

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