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July 6, 2016

Winning Over Your Customers with Mobile SMS & Messaging

David Wang

It’s prime time lunch hour for your business and your customer has repeated what they need 17 times, both the customer and business can’t completely understand the other end. What is this? An epic customer service fail.

Every business is in the business of customer service because well, quite frankly without customers you have no business, am I right? People move fast and there is always another option close by. That core customer experience is intrinsic to a businesses DNA and staying atop the latest in customer service tech trends are crucial in the mobile world we live in.

The world is already mobile

Just about everyone texts and messages instead of picking up the phone for a call. From pre-teens to grandparents, texting has become the most convenient way to get your message across. 

SMS and messaging to your customers done well can improve engagement, customer service, and internal productivity by making daily operations more efficient, instant, and strategic with automations. Being able to simply text, chat or message between business and customer redefines one-to-one relationships, it gives both sides the power they need to keep loyalty alive and minimal effort in requesting information or services. 

You might be asking yourself, “Do I need to allow my customers to text with my business”? The answer is YES. Many industries have picked up on this trend in the recent years but due to simple technology, any size business can leverage the opportunity.  

Effective business communication involves mobile messaging

There is no doubt that customers are pushing to have their favorite businesses increasingly more accessible in ways that fit their lifestyle. This shift in the customer experience expectation has revolutionized the way small to medium sized businesses give customers a personalized experience. As technology continues to change consumer behaviors, businesses need to know that customers want to control how they interact with businesses, including their preferred way of communicating; via their mobile device. 

Mobile messaging technology is the way of life now; it is only natural businesses begin to embrace it. For business owners, managers, and operational staff considering a new customer service channel; mobile SMS and messaging will be a gamechanger. 

Behind the Curtain

The Zingle platform uses standard SMS texting & messaging channels, so there is no app needed for the customer to receive messages from a business. Zingle will fit seamlessly into existing workflows, making it easy to get up and running with minimal training and upfront time requirements.

Do you think it is time for your business to try texting directly with your customers? If so, lets chat! 


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