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April 25, 2019

Zing-It! Automating Appointment Reminders


In our new series called Zing-It!, we’ll show you various examples of how you can use Zingle’s workflow automation engine (called Zings) to streamline communication and improve employee efficiency while providing a better experience for your customers.

In this episode, we will highlight how to automate appoint reminder notifications.

The success of any service-based business is dependent on customers attending the scheduled appointments that were pre-booked. Missed appointments is a challenge across all industries from healthcare, fitness centers, beauty salons, automotive repairs and others.

A study from ScienceDirect shows that across all surveyed industries, the average appointment no-show rate is 23%.

That’s 23% of potential revenue going down the drain. Additionally, missed appointments cause a loss in staff productivity, customer retention and can hinder overall business growth.

There are limitations to phone calls and emails as people with busy schedules may not have time to check it until it’s too late and the average response time for a text message is just 90 seconds.

This is why using a more convenient and personal communication channel like messaging to send appointment reminders is critical to help reduce missed appointments.

Now let’s go into how to automate appointment reminder text messages to help reduce appointment no-shows with the power of Zings!

Let’s get started!

The fastest way to get your customer data into Zingle is by integrating with your CRM. By doing so, you can automatically sync customer information including appointment day/time in real-time to send automated appointment reminder messages. (We can help you set it up)

If you do not have your CRM integrated with Zingle, you can either import an Excel file into Zingle on a daily basis or manually enter the appointment day and time for your customers in the contact field and segment which will be used to automate the appointment reminder message.

Once you have the appointment information, you can set up a scheduled automation to send all customers a personalized reminder message within a couple of steps.

Then update the message with personalized fields like first name and appointment time, and each person you send the message to will have their specific appointment time in what appears to be a personal reminder.

In the appointment reminder text message, it’s also important to let customers reschedule by responding to the message. This can help immediately recapture the lost appointment rather than waiting to call or email the customer to reschedule.

Here’s what it looks like in the message pane within the Zingle dashboard.

That’s it! As you can see, by setting up a quick scheduled automation, you can send appointment reminders to all of your customers without any manual work, which helps save time and reduce missed appointments for your service business.

To learn more about automating surveys with Zingle, Schedule a 15-Minute Strategy Session Today. Or if you are already a Zingle customer, contact your account manager to get set up.

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