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May 30, 2019

Zing It! Automating Post Check-in Welcome Messages

Zing it - Post-check-in welcome message

Besides casual greetings and transactional interactions, hoteliers struggle to truly understand if guests are satisfied during their stay. They usually don’t find out about issues until guests have left the property and posted a negative review.

In a recent webinar focused on mid-stay guest engagement, Michelle Huntzinger, VP of Hotel Operations at SLS Casino & Resort in Las Vegas, said that “we can try to apologize and invite them back, but it’s too late”.

This statement holds true for hotels that do not have an efficient way to engage guests during their stay.

However, with the advanced capabilities of a guest engagement platform like Zingle, hotels are proactively getting ahead of issues and turning bad experiences into positive ones, in real-time.

In this Zing It! episode, we will show you how to automate post check-in welcome text messages to arriving guests and open a new line of communication with them that can increase engagement and overall guest satisfaction.

The Post Check-in Welcome Message

The post check-in welcome messages are sent after a guest has checked in to the hotel. During the check-in process, the front desk agent should confirm guests’ mobile numbers and let them know they can text the hotel questions or service requests anytime.

Additionally, hotel staff should confirm guests are open to receiving informational messages before sending and invite them to sign up for special promotions.

The process of automating the post check-in welcome message is similar to the pre-arrival welcome message, but instead of setting up a trigger based on the guest check-in date, the trigger will be based on the check-in status within Zingle. This information can also be pulled from your PMS once the front desk agent marks the guest as “checked-in.”

By setting up a post check-in welcome message template, Zingle’s automation engine (Zing) will send the message to the guest by simply tagging them as “checked in” in the system.

Here is an example of a post check-in welcome message interaction.

What should you include in a post check-in welcome message?

Welcome messages are more than just a hello. The goal of the post check-in welcome message is to provide guests with relevant information and ensure their arrival has gone well.

Some examples include:

  • Ask if everything in the room is satisfactory
  • Do they need anything?
  • Recommendations for special events during their stay
  • Information for onsite restaurants and other outlets
  • Letting guests know to text for questions and requests
  • Special promotions

Post check-in welcome messages are a great way to create an ongoing conversation with your guests, identify and fix issues and ultimately to create a better experience for them that is truly unique and memorable.

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