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April 12, 2016

Zingle Integrates New Product with Facebook Messenger

David Wang

Zingle is excited to announce that we are launching a new Zingle product, integrated with Facebook Messenger. Businesses can now leverage Zingle to have a real-time 2-way conversation with consumers using Messenger, providing a better and more personalized customer experience.

Messaging is being adopted by consumers at a quick pace, and businesses are also moving quickly to maintain consumer loyalty. Not only are businesses starting to add messaging capabilities to better communicate with consumers, they are also finding that it creates the most natural conversational way to provide service.

Last month Forbes published “Why Messaging Is The Business Interface Of The Future.” Important findings include that messaging has become the key communication experience. It’s fast, direct, visual, and allows for multiple conversations to happen in parallel. They also note that the top four messaging services today have more users than the top four social networks. The article also goes on to point out,

“While numerous companies have tried to create customer service forums that allow people to browse previous issues, the reality is that people like being able to ask their specific question and get a direct response. What they don’t like is having to make a phone call and waiting on hold.”

Messenger has more than 900 million monthly active users, allowing them to communicate more easily.

Today at its F8 developer conference, Facebook made an important announcement: the launch of the Messenger Platform. We are building on the platform to help businesses connect with consumers on Messenger through Zingle.


Zingle’s new product makes the Zingle Platform more powerful and accessible than ever before for businesses and consumers alike.


“Facebook is one of the world’s most innovative companies with incredible consumer engagement, and we at Zingle are excited to partner with them. Combining Zingle’s powerful enterprise messaging platform with Messenger’s hundreds of millions of monthly active users delivers multiplied value to both businesses and consumers.” – Ford Blakely, Founder and CEO, Zingle

Zingle pioneered business texting software in 2009, and is now a multi-channel messaging platform for large and small businesses. This now means any Zingle business customer can seamlessly manage all Messenger orders and conversations within the Zingle Platform. Zingle has added the Messenger product to their texting (SMS and MMS) product line, with more products coming in 2016.

An incoming Facebook Message in the Zingle Platform

Zingle’s Messenger integration is a perfect compliment to other Platform capabilities to help businesses deliver the best customer experience through features such as Messaging Intelligence, Automations (bots), Analytics, Real-Time CRM and the message translations in 90 languages.

“I couldn’t be more proud to be partnering with Facebook Messenger. Zingle’s deep real-time integration with Messenger offers businesses seamless and actionable conversations with consumers through many channels, on all devices. Consumers benefit by having instant mobile access to many businesses.” – Erik Suhonen, VP of Product and Marketing, Zingle

Radisson, a Zingle customer, has been using the Zingle product to communicate with their guests.

“Our resort has been using Zingle for awhile, and have already seen guests use the Messenger integration by messaging us through our Facebook account. The messages come right into our Zingle Inbox just like text messages do, and it is helpful that we do not have to have more than one platform open for all messaging communications with our guests.” – Sandy Lam, Sales and Marketing Director, Radisson Resort Orlando-Celebration

Since 2009, Zingle has been helping businesses and consumers communicate via messaging. By integrating with such widely used consumer messaging technology such as Messenger, the Zingle Platform is becoming a true all-in-one enterprise communication engine for businesses of all sizes.

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