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Zingle for Hospitality

Increase hotel RevPar with contactless guest messaging

Zingle for Healthcare

Improve communication with secure patient messaging

Zingle for Retail

Increase sales with world-class curbside pickup

Zingle for Veterinary

Reduce call volume and create pet-parent loyalty with messaging

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Easily design and execute a brand-differentiated service experience

  • Hospitality
    Engage Guests During the Defining Moments of their Stay
  • Health & Fitness
    Help Your Members Take Full Advantage of Their Membership
  • Legal
    Keep Clients Informed and Cases Moving Forward
  • Staffing
    Fill Roles Faster with Better and More Personalized Communication
  • Bring Zingle to Your Business
    Design and execute a brand-differentiated customer service experience through text messaging
    • Improve guest satisfaction by serving guests faster and with a personal touch

    • Quickly identify and recover from poor service experiences

    • Optimize tedious processes and expedite response and issue resolution times

    • Increase ancillary and upsell revenue with relevant offers targeted to specific guest segments

    Zingle Hospitality
    • Convert more leads into paying members

    • Fill more classes and seminars with timely promotions and reminders

    • Recover expired credit cards and missed payments

    • Identify and nurture members who are at risk of cancelling

    Zingle Health & Fitness
    • Save time by reducing repetitive phone calls

    • Gather client information faster through texting

    • Automate and send reminders for court dates

    • Increase staff collaboration by sharing client communications

    Zingle Legal
    • Allow candidates to express interest with simple text

    • Automate communications to accelerate hiring process

    • Answer questions from candidates quickly and easily

    • Use messaging internally to improve team efficiency

    Zingle Staffing
    • F&B: Answer questions quickly and promote special offers with texting

    • Integrate Zingle’s platform with your technology and streamline workflow

    • Retail: use messaging to design a personalized shopping experience that drives sales

    • Customize communications with Zingle’s automation engine to meet your business’ needs

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More than 2,000 businesses are innovating with Zingle

"Never imagined what messaging was capable of and the relationships that could be built with it."

Heather Avila, Chief Operations Officer, Weight Watchers

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