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March 8, 2018

15 Business Text Messaging Examples for Customer Communication

Business Text Message

If you want to reach customers today, you must adapt to changes in their communication preferences.

Due to its speed and simplicity, text messaging has become a way for businesses of all types to engage customers, especially the younger generation.

As a matter of fact, consumers also want to communicate with businesses via text messaging as 64 percent of people prefer text messaging versus calling for customer service and another 44 percent would rather send a text than stay on hold.

Now is the time to start leveraging text messaging for your business to gain a competitive advantage.

Here are 15 business text messaging examples that demonstrate the versatility texting provides and some unique use cases that you can leverage for your business. Let’s get started.

1) Appointment Setting

Business Text Message Appointment Setting
6 Strategies for Writing Great Text Messages to Customers

Instead of having customers call in to set appointments and wait on hold, you can enable appointment-setting via text message like this example above. This is a popular way for service-based businesses to set up more appointments while reducing phone calls.

2) Appointment Reminders

Business Text Message App Reminder
Send SMS online, via email or through our SMS API

You never know where your customers are and there may be times they can’t answer the phone or forget to check their voicemail or email. Sending a text message reminder enables your customers to get the message with little effort on their part.

3) Contests

Business Text Message Contest

There are various ways to run contests, but to improve your engagement, try using text messaging. It provides an easy and quick way for customers to enter without going to a website and filling out a long form.

4) Content Engagement

Business Text Message Content Engagement
Mobile messaging company mPulse Mobile releases results of SMS pilot study with Inland Empire Health Plan

This example is from the medical company IEHP. They implemented this mobile messaging strategy to better connect with their members and improve their knowledge of IEHP offerings while also engaging tips to promote better health habits.

According to IEHP, the program was successful as 90% of members found that the text messages improved their overall knowledge of IEHP services and IEHP received a 33% completion rate for challenges similar to the example above.

5) Customer Service

Business Text Message Customer Service

This example is perhaps the most common way businesses use text messaging. By enabling customers to text you for questions or issues, it reduces the time agents spend on the phone while allowing them to service multiple customers simultaneously.

6) Customer Satisfaction Survey

Business Text Message Customer Satisfaction Survey
SMS Reloaded: An Old Technology, but a New Business Communication Channel

Improving your customer experience starts with getting feedback. However, it can be challenging to get your customers to respond to your surveys. Sending a text message survey reduces the effort for customers to respond and it’s immediate. In this example above, when the customer responds with a 3 rating, the business can quickly reach out to this person and understand what the issue was in regards to room quality so they can improve upon it next time and possibly avoid a negative review.

7) Text to Donate

Business Text Message Donate
How to text a $10 donation to the Red Cross

If your business is a non-profit and receives donations, texting is a great way to allow people to easily donate to your cause. The best part of it is that people don’t need to enter any credit card information to donate as it gets automatically charged to their phone bill, again reducing the effort to contribute.

8) Emergency Alert

Business Text Message Emergency Alert
Text messaging

Quick communication is essential when it comes to emergencies. Being able to quickly text an alert to employees about emergencies can potentially save lives as text messages are read on average in under five seconds.

9) Picture Messages (MMS – Multimedia Message Service)

Business Text Message Picture Messages
Spotlight on MMS for big box retail (IKEA Case Study)

People love pictures. It adds an element of intrigue that text alone cannot achieve. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) are text messages with images embedded that have many uses including showcasing products, coupons, maps and even for customer service when there is a need to show receipts or image of damaged products.

In the example above, IKEA uses MMS to give customers a sneak peek on their new product line and included a link to their online flyer to drive mobile sales. And it worked! BMW created a similar campaign that promoted new tires and received a 30% conversion rate, meaning 30% of customers who receive the text message about new tires actually purchased them.

10) Payment Reminder

Business Text Message Payment Reminder
SMS Solutions for the Enterprise Worldwide

People often need to be reminded when their payment is due. Even though email is the most common way businesses send payment reminders, text messaging has been an increasingly popular way for businesses to send these reminders.

According to, email is still the number one preferred way for customers to receive payment reminders, but text messaging is a close second. As a best practice, always try to use multiple channels like a phone call, email as well as text messaging to increase your reach and ensure your message is seen.

11) Promotions

Business Text Message Promotions
What is SMS Geofencing

In a world full of marketing messages both online and offline, trying to reach customers is getter harder than ever. Thanks to the ease and personal touch of text messaging, many businesses of all types are using texting to engage customers with promotions and drive sales both online and in-store.

12) Integrating Social Media

Business Text Message Integrate Social
Redbox Spices Up Holiday Mobile Marketing Campaign

Today’s consumers engage with brands on almost every channel including web, email and social media. Being present where consumers are, provides businesses more visibility to their brand and helps increase sales. In this example from Redbox, they used text messaging to promote their Instagram account and provided a special code to provide an incentive to check it out. Very clever.

13) Service Request

Business Text Message Service Request

Text messaging provides a convenient way for people to request and approve services. One common example is the car repair shop. Texting allows technicians to quickly inform customers of the issue and also confirm any work that is to be done with a written approval, vs. just on the phone where it can become cloudy in terms of what repair work was agreed upon.

Repair shops can also send images of the damages that need to be repaired to provide some proof of the work that needs to be done. This is also applicable to other types of businesses that provide a service.

14) Text to Order

Business Text Message Text to Order
Text-To-Buy: Wellness Beverage Company Dirty Lemon Pioneers A New Retail Model

Speeding up and easing the purchasing process is a way to improve sales. Allowing customers to place an order via text message means they can buy from you anytime, anywhere without any limitations.

Text-based ordering has been popular among restaurants, coffee shops and alike to reduce long lines and phone wait times, but retail & ecommerce businesses like Dirty Lemon have also adopted text messaging for customers to place orders by simply sending a text message.

15) Branded Chatbot

Business Text Message Branded Chatbot
Meet Rose, the Sassy New Bot Concierge in Las Vegas

This example of business text messaging is perhaps the most unique one I’ve come across. The Cosmopolitan Resort in Las Vegas took texting to another level by creating a persona called “Rose” that embodies the style and tone of the hotel.

Not only does Rose serve as a personal assistant to guests, Rose also comes with a personality of her own and engages guests with interesting conversation that promote the hotel’s on-site amenities without sounding salesy. This is more than just fun and games as The Cosmopolitan saw an increase of 38% in spending for guests that interact with Rose vs. those who don’t. This is a prime example of boosting revenue from improving the customer experience.

I hope you found these business texting examples useful and got you thinking about how your business can use it to improve the customer experience.

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