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June 23, 2016

3 Easy Ways Texting Makes Your Business Wildly Successful

David Wang

Texting has been around for nearly twenty years but it wasn’t until recently that the texting mojo has hit businesses. Previously, texting was just a way to chat with friends and family—now it is the most efficient way for any size business to connect with their customers.

Today’s on-demand customer wants to order a sandwich from the local deli while running to the next meeting, or have valet bring their car up to the front as they frantically pack their suitcase at the hotel. For these examples, the mobile phone and the ability to text a business are a mutually beneficial interaction, as the customer sends a quick message and the business can handle the request in seconds. Though sometimes the customer may be dealing with a human or a bot, these interactions still have a genuine personalized touch, fundamentally changing the way businesses handle customer service forever.

The reasons are endless for why texting is a great solution for business communication but let’s agree on a few things to start; it’s ubiquitous, affordable, fast and familiar.

Here are 3 ways texting will help your business succeed in this mobile centric world!

1. SMS can easily be integrated into any current operational flow of businesses. With a cloud-based platform, texting removes the constant use of the business phone and allows the business to communicate within a unified inbox that can be shared between staff—instantaneously responding to customer needs and requests. 

2. Customers will be happy! The stats don’t lie when it comes to how powerful a business texting platform is for any size company. For instance, it’s said that millennials are sending over 1,400 text a month (Forbes, 2015) 
As a famous movie of our time once stated, “If you build it, they will come”, but what if you gave them a reason to come because you make it simple? You are giving them a reason to come visit you.  People rely more and more on their phones to be the ‘mutli-tasking tool’ they use for everything and if they can fit your business transaction with a few finger presses on the keyboard, why not give it to them?  

3. Seamless day-to-day engagement because text messaging is a download-free zone! Text messaging doesn’t require a smart phone and there is no need to waste data downloading an app. So, your customers will appreciate how easy it is to just send over a quick text with what they need. Think of this example, your customer wants to know if their favorite retail store has a certain pair of shoes from the website, in store, customer sends a picture message to the business… and poof! The sales associate knows exactly the shoe or product—no need to call and fumble through the stocking codes, or hire somebody to answer the phone or emails.

Choosing the most effective way to communicate with your customers is essential to every business strategy while also delivering the best possible customer experience. Today, we are inundated with countless forms of communication, so why not talk to your customers on their favorite one, their phone—through texting and messaging!

Do you think it is time for your business to try texting directly with your customers? If so, lets chat! 


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