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June 26, 2014

How a hotel knocked my socks off with an incredible customer experience

David Wang

I recently checked into the Intercontinental Buckhead-Atlanta on business. My flight was late and I ended up arriving around midnight, exhausted and a bit jetlagged. As tired as I was, I wasn’t expecting much more than a good night’s sleep in a comfortable place.

Yet something remarkable happened. After I got into my room I received a text that said “Welcome to the Intercontinental Buckhead, Mr. Girard.” The text invited me to simply respond with any service requests. I asked for a 7 a.m. wake-up call, and received a follow-up from the hotel 30 seconds later. The call was set and I didn’t even have to pick up the phone. So easy!

Now, I probably should not have been quite so in awe of the experience: I’m actually the CEO of Zingle, the company that makes the technology the hotel was using to send the text. But, having recently joined the company, this was the first time I had experienced our technology as a real customer and it was pretty exciting.

Even knowing that it was coming, and understanding how the technology works, the experience was exceptional because the communication was personal, timely, and made my follow-up incredibly simple. And frankly, when you are that tired it’s nice to simply send a text without having to talk to someone.

This exceptional customer service experience got me thinking about other great experiences I’ve had at hotels and restaurants. And since one of the things we do at Zingle is help our customers to deliver incredible customer experiences, I decided I would begin to keep track of more examples of great customer service and record them in this blog.

Feel free to check in on a regular basis and read about examples of great customer service shared by me and others. Got one you want to share? Send me a few paragraphs and tell me what happened to you that was so great and who was involved and we might include it.

And while you’re here, you may want to check out a short paper we wrote on five technologies that can help deliver incredible customer experiences for hotel guests. In any case, come back and see us soon!


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