Affinity Chiropractic Modernizes the Patient Experience with Intelligent Messaging

Modernize Patient Experience - Affinity Chiropractic

Modernize patient experience using care that’s engaging not just in-office but at every moment in the patient journey — from scheduling appointments, to answering questions pre-visit, to sending a follow-up survey. It all starts with communication. If you communicate with patients using their preferred channels, you’ll deliver a better patient experience that drives satisfaction.

As one independent health and wellness center did, you’ll also find that the decision to modernize the patient experience with intelligent messaging reduces costs while organizing workflows.

Located in Klamath Falls, Affinity Chiropractic is a patient-oriented health and wellness center focusing on a wide range of chiropractic services to address patient needs with personalized care. Dr. Jane Bigby, who founded Affinity Chiropractic, uses empathy to make patients feel confident and comfortable with their treatment plan.

The Effects of Costly, Unreliable Technology

Affinity Chiropractic relied on an answering service for several years, but Dr. Bigby found that it didn’t meet her expectations and actually frustrated patients. Answering services outsource the typical operations of a front desk, which appears convenient at first glance. Instead of hiring an additional employee at full salary, Dr. Bigby felt confident she could allow the answering service to respond to inquiries from patients and schedule appointments for the health and wellness center.

Dr. Bigby eventually realized the answering service would never achieve the efficiency that it initially promised. When patients scheduled their appointments with the answering service staff, slots were often double-booked or booked for the wrong date and time. With her schedule in disarray more often than not, Dr. Bigby frequently needed to involve herself to fix these major errors.

Costs turned into an issue, too. Affinity Chiropractic needed to pay for every minute the answering service spent communicating with patients — since patients struggled on the phone to schedule an appointment, these calls sent her costs soaring.

While discussing alternatives with other female chiropractors, Dr. Bigby came across Medallia Zingle. She did some research and decided to give Medallia Zingle’s intelligent messaging platform a try as part of an effort to modernize patient experience. Now, Affinity Chiropractic is a health and wellness center that communicates with patients using two-way, real-time messaging, lifting the stress off Dr. Bigby and improving patient satisfaction.

Medallia Zingle empowers Affinity Chiropractic to communicate with patients in real-time, syncing any data with its EHR system along the way to keep the entire health and wellness center up to date. All the while, her costs are controlled with Medallia Zingle’s simple pricing that won’t result in a sky-high bill surprising her as the unreliable answering service did.

Download the Affinity Chiropractic Case Study

Click below to download the Affinity Chiropractic case study and learn how Dr. Bigby modernized the patient experience with intelligent messaging, allowed patients to get information in real-time, and streamlined appointment scheduling with a simple text — all without hiring additional staff.

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