Law Firm Ross & Pines Utilizes Text Messaging to Improve Client Communication

Law firm text messaging

About Ross & Pines LLC

The attorneys at Ross & Pines are an elite team of advocates dedicated to achieving the best interests of their clients in every case they handle. From clients facing debilitating injuries, complications related to immigration, or criminal charges, the attorneys at Ross & Pines have the ability and experience to deliver the outcomes their clients are looking for.


Effective and efficient client communication is key for law firms. Atlanta-based law firm Ross & Pines was looking for a text messaging solution to create a client friendly and more efficient process of communication. Their main goal was to streamline communication, especially with clients who don’t use email often.


Ross & Pines partnered with Zingle to create a text messaging solution that focused on achieving their goals. Ross & Pines was able to use their existing phone number as their Zingle text number and promoted the texting capability on its website.

Soon after promoting the text number, Ross & Pines started seeing clients leverage texting in a variety of ways including texting for directions to the office, court date reminders, court locations as well as texting in photos of accidents and injuries to streamline the information gathering process.

Everyone at Ross & Pines who communicates with clients has access to Zingle, which enables anyone to step in and gather client information or answer client questions without delay and without duplication of effort.


After implementing Zingle, the team at Ross & Pines saw tremendous time savings and communication improvements from texting with clients. The entire team at Ross & Pines is equipped to answer client questions and gather information, which keeps clients informed and cases moving.

The ability to view client conversations avoids duplication of effort and the ability to archive past conversations is extremely important.


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