Veterinary Texting Platform Helps VetnCare Manage Increased Call Volume

VetnCare Users Messaging to Handle Spiking Call Volume

VetnCare wanted a veterinary texting solution fast. Their business model for all internal and client communication went contactless due to COVID-19 and the subsequent 50% increase in call volume overwhelmed their workflow. As a company aiding 13 veterinary clinics with administrative, operational, and HR support, theirs was a high-stakes and essential service operating in completely new territory. 

“The smaller veterinary clinics didn’t have the resources to navigate the complexities of early-stage COVID-19 restrictions,” COO of VetnCare Brian Cuda tells us. “But contactless created an initial communication barrier.” 

Suddenly, each of the vet clinics were experiencing an additional 20 to 30 calls per day. To help his clients manage the overflow, Brian went in search of a veterinary texting platform that could reduce call volume, streamline client communication, and provide opportunities for workflow efficiencies. 

"Zingle's messaging platform is the equivalent of having more than one extra full-time person at the front desk." - Quote from Brian Cuda, COO of VetnCare on using veterinary texting.

One of the features that spoke to him was Zingle’s keyword trigger for curbside automations, ready to go, for immediate use. Zingle’s automations, or ‘Zings’, are a powerful way to capture customer information, improve response time, and free up additional bandwidth for vet staff. Automations also ensure outreach is consistent in tone and intent across all locations.

The quick digital transformation delivered positive results. Each VetnCare location sends and receives around 150 texts per day, equating to 30-40 calls that would have been a source of frustration for both staff and customers. Before Zingle, clients were already distressed by the time staff were able to connect with them. Now, those stressors have greatly diminished along with the elimination of wait times.

The Numbers — How VetnCare’s Efficiency Increased with Zingle:

  • Deflected 50% of the increase in call volume caused by COVID-19
  • Provided the equivalent of one extra full-time person at the front desk
  • Eliminated 20-minute curbside assistance delays 
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