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December 30, 2014

A Customer Experience “Attitude”

David Wang

photodune-435006-thumbs-up-lBeth loves visiting the pacific northwest’s plethora of natural hot springs in gorgeous remote settings. And one of the loveliest places she’s visited is Belknap Hot Springs along the McKenzie River. 

And while the setting is pristine – rolling lawns and naturally hot pools nestled among old growth fir trees – the customer service at the front desk is not. (If you don’t believe us, check out their reviews on Yelp – ). After a pretty rough reception (i.e. what she describes as rude service) from the front desk on two occasions, Beth says she decided to give Belknap one last chance.

“It’s beautiful and we love going there but the employees don’t always seem happy and ready to help you have a great stay. It’s kind of a drag.”

But then something interesting happened. Beth says she had an opportunity to compare how two different employees handled the same problem and it taught her a lot about what makes for great customer service, and a great customer experience.

On the night she and her partner arrived she asked the front desk clerk if she could check the lost and found for a coat she thought she’d left behind on a previous visit. The clerk told her that it would be impossible because she couldn’t leave the desk unattended to walk down to the lost and found. “This was a strange response because the lobby place was pretty much empty.”

Beth decided to wait until the next day and try her luck with another employee. Sure enough, George was a different breed altogether. He politely took down her name and cell number and said he would check during his break and call if he found anything. Same situation. Different attitude. 

“He didn’t find the coat but his response made us feel much better about the place. It showed us how putting in a little bit of effort can totally change one’s feelings about a business.”

Really, when you think about it, George’s attitude may have earned Belknap hundreds, even thousands of dollars, in future business. 

It’s easy to forget that each and every employee and each and every interaction and experience with guests is creating an impression that can help or hinder your business. As you can see on Yelp, this establishment could be getting many more positive reviews if customers were having more positive interactions. 

An attitude of great customer service and helpfulness can go a long way in building a reputation and bringing in the crowds. With such a gorgeous setting and a great product to offer the public, this hot springs could be a fan favorite and not landing themselves in hot water so much of the time.

The lesson here is that personal, caring service means repeat business and growth. Customer Services attitudes can go very far.

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