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September 27, 2016

Millennials Prefer sms Over Phone & Email

Millennials will drive consumption in the near future, so if Millennials choose a brand now, they are likely to stay loyal. No small businesses can afford to ignore this massive audience with a passion for technology and on-demand communication. 

A new way of customer communication is emerging and as Millennials become to expect a more modern way of communication. The scale to which millennials use messaging today is unmatched to any of the previous business communication channels. Companies that engage with customers in this way now, will see massive rewards in the future. 

We’ve spent some time combing through the recent Twilio 2016 Global Messaging Report and found some great insights for any small business looking to appeal to a wider market of todays tech-savvy millennial market. 

We’ve even gathered the most interesting numbers and put into this snazzy infographic. 

Read on to find out why text and messaging is such an important method of communication for any business in todays on-demand, device centric world and how you can support this prefer communication channel. 


Lets Do great things together

Now is the time to upgrade your modern communication for the next generation of customers, brand loyalists and texters. 

It’s very important to communicate with millennials in the ways they want to be reached. We exchange more than 50 billion message a day and the continuing explosive adoption suggests that messaging will be a lasting phenomenon. 

Because messaging is not just a one-way communication channel, more than eith in ten consumers would like to reply to a message from a business or engage in further conversation. 

Is your business ready for this type of customer communication? 



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Stat Sources:Twilio Global Mobile Messaging Consumer Report 2016

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