Consumer Report: Covid-19 & The Future of Telehealth

Consumer Report: The Future of Telehealth

New Consumer Data Highlights Dramatic Shift in Patient Experience and Examines the Future of Telehealth Post COVID-19.

A recent MGMA report found that 97% of medical practices have experienced a negative financial impact related to COVID-19 due in large part to in-person visits grinding to a halt amid stay at home orders and social distancing.

To regain patient confidence, healthcare organizations from animal hospitals and dentist offices to optometrists and family practice clinics are looking to Telehealth solutions as a contactless alternative to high-risk, face to face interactions.. Online doctor appointments, virtual waiting rooms, and secure text messaging are only a few of the technologies healthcare providers are hoping to strategically leverage as the future of Telehealth unfolds.

With this in mind, Medallia Zingle commissioned a research study to a cross-section of over 1,000 American consumers to understand how their behaviors, views, and interactions with healthcare providers have been altered by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Key findings from COVID-19 & The Future of Telehealth include:  

  • 84% of Americans say they are concerned about their health and safety when visiting a healthcare facility
  • 40% of those 65 and older say they have postponed or skipped an in-person doctors appointment because of health & safety concerns since the onset of COVID-19

Download this report to understand how patient views are changing interactions with their healthcare providers due to COVID-19.

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