The Retailer’s Guide to Curbside Commerce

5 steps to seamless curbside pickup

With 77% of consumers saying they will be more cautious about cleanliness, health and safety in the post-pandemic era, according to a study from Capgemini Research Institute, it’s no wonder big-box retailers, chain restaurants and local businesses continue to expand their contactless commerce offerings. When done right, curbside commerce provides an efficient, convenient and most importantly, contactless experience for both the customer and the business.

What will differentiate retail outlets moving forward is not that they offer curbside pickup, but that they can execute it efficiently and provide a fast, seamless and contactless experience for their customers.

Coordinating a successful pickup requires businesses to clearly communicate with customers throughout their buying experience. In a recent consumer research study commissioned by Zingle, 80% of consumers said using text messaging to communicate with a business would make curbside pickup faster and easier.

For businesses, it could also minimize tedious processes for front-line workers already facing new safety protocols and urgent questions from anxious customers. Sophisticated messaging platforms can make it easy for businesses to quickly deploy and configure texting in a variety of different ways.

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