4 Ways Property Managers Can Elevate the Prospect & Resident Experience with Real-Time Communication

Create a world-class resident experience that uses real-time communication to deliver convenience and increase revenue.

With a growing number of responsibilities, property managers are busier than ever. Now your role covers everything from marketing and customer service to maintenance and budgeting. Yet there’s a single priority that remains relevant across each and every responsibility: elevating the resident experience. If you elevate the resident experience, satisfaction follows — prospects are attracted to your property and residents are more likely to renew their lease agreements. You can’t do it without real-time communication, though.

95% of texts are opened and responded to within just three minutes of being delivered, indicating just how impactful real-time communication with prospects and tenants can be for any property manager.

As mentioned in our property management guide, an apartment brand with 148 properties across California uses real-time communication to schedule tours and answer frequently asked questions. It gives prospects the opportunity to engage with and learn about a property without needing to send an email or make a call. In 2020-2021, the same apartment brand used real-time communication to share health and safety guidelines amid the Covid-19 crisis while also allowing residents an extension for late rent payments. Residents didn’t do anything more than send a single text to the company to opt-in.

In this property management guide, explore strategies that leverage real-time communication to elevate the prospect and resident experience:

  • Nurture Prospects Through Their Preferred Channels: Prospects value properties that make communicating simple, and when using the preferred method of text, communication in real-time has never been easier
  • Get Updates to Residents, Fast: From helping people feel safe and comfortable to staying ahead of problems before they arise, text messaging enables important conversations to happen at exactly the right moment
  • Provide the Luxury of Personalization: Property managers and staff can automate conversations without ever losing that much-needed touch of personalization, delivering exactly the type of thoughtful experiences that residents expect
  • Enable Staff to Do More with Less: Utilizing real-time and contactless communications not only provides better experience for prospects and tenants, but it also makes property managers’ and their teams’ lives infinitely easier by giving them a way to scale strategies

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