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Proactive Service Recovery: The Revenue Strategy You Can't Ignore

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February 13, 2015

Best Customer Experiences | Hospitality Loyalty Worth the Results

Here’s a quick one from L. Skutte in Malmo, Sweden.


“We missed our connecting flight in Chicago due to a three-hour wait time to get through immigration so we were not able to stay the night at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel as planned.”

“I spoke to someone in their accounting department the day after and to my satisfaction, the kind person accepted our wish not to charge us for the night. In my opinion, this is excellent customer service and I promise that we will try the hotel during our next visit to Los Angeles. Big thanks!” Sounds like a simple customer loyalty decision may go a longer way than expected. In turn, the customer experience will be even stronger in the future. 

We agree this is excellent customer service – and a good reminder to never nickel-and-dime your customers. Losing a little revenue here and there can add up to big gains later on. If you treat your guests fairly they will come back again and again and share stories like these about you!

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