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Hotel Irvine is a modern lifestyle hotel located in Irvine, California that features a colorful high-energy design with 536 stylish rooms. With personalized services and delectable food & beverage options, Hotel Irvine is an experience that is anything but ordinary.

As a hotel focused on a serving business and leisure guests alike, providing a differentiated and stress-free experience is what Hotel Irvine is all about.

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In this Q&A with Jon Yeung, Director of Customer Experience at Hotel Irvine, we will discuss why messaging was the solution for improve guest communication and how implementing a texting service for guests had a positive impact on guest satisfaction and employee productivity.

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Jon has over 10 years of experience in luxury hotels & resorts cultivating an environment to pursue perfection and deliver unparalleled experiences.
ZINGLE: What were you looking to accomplish with Zingle?

JON: People have different communication preferences, but we have seen that fewer guests want to pick up the phone to call the front desk for questions or service requests.

Our goal was to improve communication with our guests during their stay by adding a more convenient channel like texting so they can get what they want faster like checking out, ordering room service or just wanting to know the gym hours.

Z: How many departments use Zingle and how are they using it to communicate with guests?

J: Zingle is currently being utilized by our front office, guest services, food & beverage as well as marketing. From a guest service perspective, we send out text messages to guests whenever their room is ready if it wasn’t ready during check-in. We also enable our guests to easily check out by sending us a text which is much more convenient for them and allows us to clean rooms earlier.

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Instead of having to call downstairs for room service, our guests have the option to order whatever they want by simple sending a text, which helped improve our operational efficiency and reduce order errors.

Marketing also jumped on the messaging train and is leveraging Zingle to send promotional texts to guests whenever we have happy hour specials or other food & beverage promotions.

We also send hotel-related information that guests need to know about like pool closures or emergency notifications so our guests are in the know no matter if they are on property or not.

Z: How do you currently promote Zingle to guests?

J: We tell our guests about our texting service in several ways. Our front office team informs guests during check-in that they can text us for any questions or requests along with handing them a card with the text number so they can easily access it. Each room also has a sign near the phone that lets guests know they can text us for their requests.

Hotel Irvine text sign example
Z: What’s the internal employee feelings about Zingle? Does it help them with their job?

J: Zingle has been greatly instrumental in both improving guest satisfaction as well as improving our staff productivity. The automation capabilities enabled us to streamline responses and reduce manual work on our staff. We are able to decrease the wait times at the front desk and allows our agents to check-out guests faster via text message.

Our texting service has also hugely helped our Marketplace (Gift Shop/Market) reduce the time they spend on the phone taking orders and can be more attentive to guests.

Hotel Irvine marketplace
For us, it’s all about making the entire experience with us hassle-free.

“We are able to decrease the wait times at the front desk and allow our agents to check-out guests faster via text message”.

Z: What are some of the feedback you get from guests about the texting service?

J: Our guests have personally expressed that they love the convenience of texting us for their needs and not have to call down or wait in line for anything, which saves them time.

To put it in perspective, we average around 300 messages exchanged with guests per day, which means that guests are utilizing the texting service and find it helpful.

The added bonus we have seen by using Zingle is our guests actually highlighting the texting service in their TripAdvisor reviews.

TripAdvisor reviews

“Zingle has helped us provide a higher level of convenience for our guests while improving our staff productivity.”

Jon Yeung – Director of Customer Experience – Hotel Irvine

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