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January 13, 2014

Miriam Hospital to use Innovative Texting System for Faster Valet Parking Service

David Wang

PROVIDENCE – The Miriam Hospital is making its valet parking even easier. Now, patients and visitors can send a text message to the valet service when they are ready to leave, so the wait for their vehicle will be shorter.

The Miriam Hospital has offered valet parking for visitors and patients for eight years. The service was very well received but, after hearing feedback that the wait for a vehicle was sometimes a bit long, the hospital searched for a way to improve satisfaction.

The result: The Miriam began working with Zingle, a company focused on creating texting solutions to improve customer service, to create a new process to facilitate when patients and visitors pick up their cars. Upon arrival, customers will receive a valet ticket that has been printed with the number to which to send a text message when they are ready to leave. The customer is then able to send a text to the valet service, which starts the vehicle retrieval process before the customer arrives in the lobby.

Thomas Gregory, manager of security and parking for The Miriam Hospital, has led the initiative. Gregory says, “Our valet service is a great way to make it easier for our patients…”

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