Improve resident satisfaction with messaging

Provide a World-Class Resident Experience At Scale

Medallia Zingle empowers property managers to create safe, functional and friendly communities with personalized communication. From scheduling tours to move-out surveys and everything in between, two way communication improves service, streamlines operations and ultimately helps your team increase property revenue.

“I love that I can text my residents about balance due letters and reach out to prospects to confirm their appointments.”

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Attract new residents and wow them with a seamless experience

Never let a qualified prospect fall through the cracks. Medallia Zingle empowers busy property managers to stay connected to every prospect by automating personalized follow-up messages after tours and inquiries, providing real-time updates on vacancies and curating targeted move-in specials.
  • Create real-time ROI in your online promotions with QR codes or direct links to start a conversation.
  • Reach apartment hunters on the go on the channels they use most like SMS texting, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.
  • Speed up the application process with custom workflows and easily link to FAQs and property information.

Elevate resident experience with personalized convenience

Residents have high expectations and waiting is not one of them. When staff can manage communication at scale, every resident can feel heard, prioritized, and supported. With Medallia Zingle, residents can quickly connect with reception teams to book amenities, manage deliveries or alert the team of maintenance issues with a simple text message, from anywhere.
  • Resident life’s a breeze with automated messaging like payment reminders, package pickup alerts or lease renewals.
  • Intelligent message routing keeps a channel open for every resident to reach out and quickly resolve issues in real-time.
  • Residents can be segmented and notified with relevant updates on community events, emergencies or scheduled maintenance.

Transform property management with efficient workflows

Now your staff can work like a well-oiled team ready for the Property Management Olympics. By upgrading manual processes to mobile messaging, they’ll have more time to pay closer attention to complex problems and you’ll retain high performing teams with a better employee experience.
  • Alleviate call volume by creating automated text responses to commonly asked questions.
  • Automate rent reminders or lease renewals and keep track of all conversations on one screen.
  • Manage targeted promotions for onsite amenities, events or special offers.

Keep your finger on the pulse of resident satisfaction

Easily capture real-time feedback data with apartment resident survey templates quickly deployed in the convenience of a text message.
  • Stay on top of tenant experience with a quick feedback survey via text.
  • Create a consistent brand voice and manage service recovery with curated message templates.
  • Increase positive online reviews by automating move-in/out surveys with links to online review sites.

Maximize resident retention and increase conversions, renewals, and occupancy rates

Drive the business outcomes that matter the most to your property management brand—with Zingle’s seamless integration with Medallia Go, the new unified resident experience platform designed for property managers.
  • Monitor the voice of the resident across email, surveys, social media, ratings, and reviews.
  • Leverage the power of AI and text analytics to identify your biggest opportunities for impact and quickly transform experiences.
  • Watch your satisfaction scores, conversions, renewals, and occupancy rates soar.

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