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September 30, 2014

New Day at Newark with Great Customer Service

David Wang

The airport in Newark is famous for being a rather unpleasant place. In fact, if any airport in the country needed a PR boost, Newark was the one with the way their customer experiences have gone traditionally. And apparently, someone has taken on the challenge because travellers are starting to say good things about landing in Newark….

Regina Clifton of Dana Point, Calif., remembers an earlier customer experience at the same airport in 2010 that was less than savory. “We were lost the whole time.” This time, however, thanks to the Newark Liberty International Airport’s new fleet of red-jacketed customer service representatives, Clifton says her family’s travel experience there was top notch with great customer service from all of the Newark Liberty International Airport Staff.


“This was just last month. We got off our plane and noticed that people with red coats and nametags were stationed all over the terminals. And no matter where we were, if we started to look lost, one of them would approach us immediately and say, ‘How can I help you, which way do you need to go?’”

In fact, the normally grueling trip from plane to rental car – which involves an airport train – was made simple and almost effortless thanks to the fleet of staff and helpers improving customer experience along the way, she says.

“Literally, from the moment we got off the plane to the moment we got into our car we were taken care of. I’ve never had an experience like that at an airport and it was at Newark! They were all recognizable: red coats. Black pants. Name tags. Turn by turn someone was assisting us.”

Clifton says what struck her was the fact that it was the smoothest airport experience they’d ever had and it was happening in New Jersey of all places.

“We had our son with us and we were exhausted and so it was nice to not waste time being lost. We had been there in 2010 at the same airport and that had not been our experience.”

Lesson: It’s never to late to try to build or rebuild a reputation. (Think Farrah Fawcett in “The Burning Bed.”) The Newark airport is sure to gather a lot of buzz thanks to its new fleet of ultra responsive customer service reps. And it could well become the industry standard for helping travelers along! That means fewer of us, perhaps, will be avoiding Newark like the plague and might even choose that airport over others.

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