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October 14, 2014

No Wheeling but Great Experience Dealing at the Auto Dealership

David Wang

An Oregon-based auto store is making waves on a national level in part because of quality, no-nonsense great customer service that helps it stand out from the pack.


Matthew Finfer gives Lithia Toyota in Springfield, Oregon, high marks for a great a sales/customer service exchange that left him feeling like he came out on top. “No one ever leaves the customer experience of buying a car saying ‘That was great! But I did,” he says.

Finfer, who lives in Bend, Oregon, says he found an almost too-good-to-be-true price on a new Toyota SUV he’d been eyeballing for some time. He called the Lithia dealership that had posted the ad and worked out the entire deal on the phone, including the trade in. “No negotiations. Nothing. They said, ‘This is the deal and you can’t find it any cheaper anywhere else.’”

He drove a few hours to Springfield and bought the vehicle with no discussions and no wasted time.

“Toyotas don’t usually go on sale and this was $4,000 off the sticker price. It was just the way they said it would be. No hard pressure. No emotional chess game. It was already done and all I had to do was go down there and get the vehicle. Everywhere else I’ve been it never works out like that – and I do exhaustive research every time.”

Clearly, there’s a reason that Lithia Auto Stores has grown like gangbusters nationwide since it was founded in 1946. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say lead to lifetime customer loyalty and big sales numbers. This is quality customer service.

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