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Product Easily Design and Execute a Brand-Differentiated Customer Service Experience

Engage with your customers on the messaging channels they prefer and automate personalized communications to respond and deliver what your customers need.


“In the first two months we used Zingle, we had the highest guest satisfaction scores we’ve ever had.”

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We're built on 10 years of innovation

More than 100 million messages across dozens of industries have informed our multi-tenant cloud platform development over the last decade. We continue to invest in product security and platform reliability, including regular system penetration testing, security based static code analysis and mandatory background checks for all employees with access to personally identifiable information. With true software-as-a-service, customers are always using the latest version of the software and our engineers are continually working to improve it, meaning updates and upgrades are frequent and free.


In 2009, Zingle launched our first one-way SMS text order service. We've since added web, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat messaging and more.


Automated communication workflows (or Zings, as we call them) power most of the 6 million messages that Zingle manages each month.


Turn data into actionable insights. Our world-class analytics give you a 360-degree perspective into your business.


Zingle acquired a hospitality focused artificial intelligence company in 2018 and is using AI to understand message intent and automate responses and actions.

Not seeing what you need?

Contact us to see if we connect with your systems currently or to find out how quickly we can. We seamlessly integrate with almost any system via API, SFTP or simply automating emails.