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Zingle is simple for your staff to use, and seamless for your customers to experience. Beneath the hood, though, Zingle is a powerful engine for customer engagement built on a foundation of core capabilities. Together, they provide a unique solution for businesses committed to differentiating themselves through the customer experiences they provide.
Zingle Business Text Messaging Automation
La Cantera Resort, San Antonio Chris Nelbach, Director of Revenue Strategies

"In the first two months we used Zingle, we had the highest guest satisfaction scores we’ve ever had."

La Cantera Resort and Spa


It starts with data. Access to customer data is the key to segmenting your customers, personalizing your communications to those customers, and delivering a truly differentiated service experience. With Zingle, you can ingest customer data from virtually any system through pre-built API integrations, flat file imports (SFTP/email), and third-party connectors like Zapier
  • Customize profile fields so you can map the most relevant contact attributes into Zingle
  • Define dynamic segments of your customers based on contact attributes and tags, to target your communications and design relevant experience
  • Leverage Zingle’s well-documented API to integrate with other applications, so you can trigger service ticket creation in HotSOS or Quore, populate MindBody customer profiles with message history, or pass conversational intelligence to a BI tool to correlate customer communication patterns with spend. The possibilities are endless.


Zingle’s automations are the canvas on which you can design and orchestrate differentiated service experiences and process optimizations. Zingle allows limitless possibilities of workflows by allowing you to create triggers and actions that either automate or facilitate hundreds of different experiences. For example:
  • Identify service recovery opportunities through mid-stay health checks scheduled after your guests check in
  • Convert more of your leads into paying customers through mobile nurtures targeted to specific contact attributes captured
  • Provide the VIP experience through targeted offers to your best customers, defined by loyalty program level


The Zingle inbox consolidates messages from across channels, so your customers can communicate through any channel they prefer, from SMS to web chat to Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps; and your staff has just one place to go to see it all. Zingle automatically responds back to the customer through the channel he or she is using
  • Have your staff and managers download Zingle from Google Play or the Apple App Store so they can access the unified inbox and respond to customers when on-the-go.
  • Well-documented SDKs for iOS and Android so you can incorporate Zingle messaging into your mobile apps.
  • Apply filters and tags to dynamically segment your customers, and communicate with multiple contacts at once in one click.
  • Use reusable message templates to streamline communications with your customers, and enforce brand standards
  • Foster the personal connection with your customers, with full support for emojis and picture messages, including animated GIFs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Zingle’s AI understands conversational text in a way that chatbots do not, so you can provide better responses to your customers, and analyze those conversations to inform your decision-making.
  • Understand the intent of your customers’ requests, to trigger time-saving automations that proactively resolve common customer issues
  • Automatically categorize unstructured customer conversations to give you real-time insights to trending topics not available in any other system
  • Determine sentiment from interactions with your customers, so you can take corrective actions before it’s too late


Good customer experience is like a journey that never ends. Zingle’s analytics provide the insights you need so you can adapt your operations to the changing needs and expectations of your customers.
  • Measure your team’s performance responding to and resolving customer issues
  • Synthesize your customer conversations into topical categories, for better insight into customer needs and to support improved decision-making
  • Roll-up reporting to benchmark performance across locations, and help you spot trends in your business
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