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August 7, 2017

Real Negative Reviews that Could Have Been Prevented with a Simple Text Message

David Wang

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Online reviews can be a business’s best friend or worst enemy, depending on if the reviews are positive or negative.

With 92% of consumers now reading online reviews and 80% trusting those reviews as much as a personal recommendation (source), businesses need to provide a superior customer experience to stay competitive.

Once a customer leaves a bad review, it’s already too late, even if your business responds to it. Most likely they will not give you the time of day to respond to you. However, if a business resolves its issue quickly and efficiently, 95% of unhappy customers will return.

One reason for negative reviews is poor customer service communication. By keeping customers waiting or ignoring customer requests due to having a busy staff, businesses are losing out on revenue as well as loyalty.

One way for businesses to quickly and efficiently respond and engage customers is through SMS text messaging.

Here are 5 real life negative reviews that could have been prevented with a simple text message:

(Names of businesses and reviewers have been removed to protect their privacy)

1. Poor Hotel Housekeeping Experience


This negative review could have been prevented if the hotel allowed this guest to send a text message to housekeeping to schedule service. Then the guest would have returned from his business meeting to a clean room where he was able to catch up on some needed sleep.


2. Gym Membership Cancellation


You know it’s bad when the customer leaves a review in all caps! Gym membership cancellations are a part of the business. It’s understandable that this customer is upset if she had to call four times and didn’t even receive a callback. This negative review could have been prevented if the gym had allowed her to cancel by sending a text message. Then, the gym manager could have had a chance to retain her by offering a discount or the manager could simply have honored her request to cancel.


3. Messed Up Food Order


There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than to have a messed up or missed food order. Phone orders are convenient, but it increases the likelihood of a messed-up order due to confusion from the order taker. This negative review could have been avoided if the customer was able to text in her order. By utilizing a business text messaging solution, restaurants and delis can receive text orders and have them automatically sent to the kitchen. This can help to reduce errors and provides a quick and convenient way for customers to place orders.


4. Non-Responsive Car Salesman


Sometimes, bad reviews can be rectified if the business valued the comments and did something about it. In this review, a customer had a bad experience at a car dealership and decided to post a review on Yelp. As a first step to helping mitigate the bad review, the dealership responded to the customer review and asked for her contact information to address her issue. The problem is, NOBODY GOT BACK TO HER! This negative review could have turned into a positive one if the dealership allowed the customer to text a real employee and address her concerns immediately.

Sometimes, it’s not the problem that frustrates the customer, it’s how the problem is handled that drives them crazy.


5. Issues with Product Returns


In the world of online retail, product quality and customer service are crucial components for success and loyalty. In this review, a customer simply wanted to return a pair of pants and possibly exchange for another style; however, due to the unresponsiveness of the customer service department after emailing them several times, the customer was “extremely frustrated” and decided to leave this negative review.

What’s even worse is that when customer service was finally able to get back to her, it was too late for the customer to return their pants. This negative review could have been easily avoided if the customer was able to send a quick text message to the retailer with the “return number” and quickly return her pants. That customer experience could have led her to purchase a different pair of pants from them, but instead, she states that she will “NEVER, EVER” shop with them again.


The Takeaway

No matter which industry you’re in, the customer service experience is extremely important when it comes to protecting your brand integrity. Consumers today expect fast service no matter how they choose to interact with businesses. SMS and MMS text messaging allows businesses to quickly respond and solve customers’ problems and prevent negative reviews and gain more positive ones.

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