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Solutions One Platform, Unlimited Possibilities

Creating automated communication workflows and integrations with your existing technology are what make Zingle’s messaging-based customer engagement platform a truly verticalized solution. It’s easy to imagine, design and execute a brand-differentiated service experience for your business, industry and use case.

Featured Clients

“Hands down, Zingle has had the biggest impact on our customer growth and loyalty. It has been a key factor in our new location getting off the ground as quickly as it has.”

  • Hospitality
    Engage Guests During the Defining Moments of their Stay
  • Health & Fitness
    Help Your Members Take Full Advantage of Their Membership
  • Legal
    Keep Clients Informed and Cases Moving Forward
  • Staffing
    Fill Roles Faster with Better and More Personalized Communication
  • Bring Zingle to Your Business
    Design and execute a brand-differentiated customer service experience through text messaging
    • Improve guest satisfaction by serving guests faster and with a personal touch

    • Quickly identify and recover from poor service experiences

    • Optimize tedious processes and expedite response and issue resolution times

    • Increase ancillary and upsell revenue with relevant offers targeted to specific guest segments

    Zingle Hospitality
    • Convert more leads into paying members

    • Fill more classes and seminars with timely promotions and reminders

    • Recover expired credit cards and missed payments

    • Identify and nurture members who are at risk of cancelling

    Zingle Health & Fitness
    • Save time by reducing repetitive phone calls

    • Gather client information faster through texting

    • Automate and send reminders for court dates

    • Increase staff collaboration by sharing client communications

    Zingle Legal
    • Allow candidates to express interest with simple text

    • Automate communications to accelerate hiring process

    • Answer questions from candidates quickly and easily

    • Use messaging internally to improve team efficiency

    Zingle Staffing
    • F&B: Answer questions quickly and promote special offers with texting

    • Integrate Zingle’s platform with your technology and streamline workflow

    • Retail: use messaging to design a personalized shopping experience that drives sales

    • Customize communications with Zingle’s automation engine to meet your business’ needs

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