Keep Clients Informed and Cases Moving Forward

Streamline Workflows

Streamline the information gathering process and create a more efficient and client friendly process for communication with Zingle’s messaging-based client engagement platform.

"Having our entire office able to access client conversations at the same time helps us speed up communication, which allows us to move cases forward faster."


Save Time By Reducing Repetitive Phone Calls And Emails

Increase efficiency and use messaging to quickly notify clients of key information through the channels they prefer
  • Send court date reminders, directions and other important notes
  • Easily, and quietly, communicate with clients while in court
  • Encourage clients to text photos of accidents and injuries

Automate Processes And Increase Staff Efficiency

Create customized communication workflows that save your staff time and keep them focused on winning cases
  • Use templates and automations for real-time replies to common questions
  • Build automations with key integrations to law practice management software
  • Escalate complex requests to right staff

Keep Your Clients Happy And Loyal

Reduce clients’ anxieties with relevant and personalized communication and ensure clients have a positive experience with your firm.
  • Identify and route frustrated clients to the right staff at the right time
  • Turn oversights into opportunities for meaningful engagements
  • Send follow up surveys and request online reviews from happy clients

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