Transform how candidates & employees interact with your business

Fill Roles Faster with More Personalized Communication

Zingle’s messaging-based candidate engagement platform helps staffing agencies and HR departments attract more candidates and then streamlines the communication process to expedite hiring.

“Zingle has helped me become more efficient with candidate communication and I get a much higher response rate from text messages than emails and phone calls.”


HR Generalist

Allow Candidates To Express Interest With A Simple Text

From there, automated and manual communications can engage and nurture candidates until they are hired or ready to explore employment opportunities.
  • Respond in real-time to inquiries around the clock
  • Send interview reminders and directions to candidates
  • Manage schedule changes as they happen

Automate Communications To Accelerate Hiring Process

Keep the right candidates moving through the pipeline and the hiring managers up to speed so open roles can be filled quickly.
  • Collect and segment information through text conversations
  • Automate interview reminders to multiple candidates at once
  • Escalate conversations to the appropriate staff members

Use Messaging Internally To Improve Efficiency

Send meeting notifications and encourage collaboration with internal staff to ensure time isn’t wasted and everyone is on the same page.
  • Send reminders to and from managers and employees about meetings
  • Make it easy for internal employees to refer candidates
  • Analyze messaging history to find ways to improve processes

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