Proactive Service Recovery: The Revenue Strategy You Can't Ignore

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Hoteliers Left in Dark with 75% of Guests Not Reporting Problems

In the age of experience, service is more important than it’s ever been. In hospitality, operators are working overtime to uplevel the service they provide to keep their guests happy and coming back for more. And while most operators know they have an incomplete picture when it comes to the end-to-end guest experience, the extent…

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Zing-It! Conversation Assignments

For large-sized businesses that use text messaging to communicate with customers through various departments, efficiency is extremely important. Having incoming messages routed to the right person who can answer specific questions or fulfill requests helps businesses with customer service response time as well as improving employee productivity. In this Zing-It! Episode, we will show you…

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Zing It! Automating Post Check-in Welcome Messages

Besides casual greetings and transactional interactions, hoteliers struggle to truly understand if guests are satisfied during their stay. They usually don’t find out about issues until guests have left the property and posted a negative review. In a recent webinar focused on mid-stay guest engagement, Michelle Huntzinger, VP of Hotel Operations at SLS Casino &…

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Webinar: How to Get Your Guests to Spend More and Love You for It

Did you know that fully engaged hotel guests spend 46% more per year than disengaged guests? Without guest engagement, there is no revenue. In this recorded webinar presentation, we will be sharing some interesting stories around different travel experiences and ways hotels can leverage guest data, personalization and real-time communication to engage guests with more…

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How to Increase Hotel Revenue with Text Messaging

According to a 2018 Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook Report, the hotel sector is projected to sustain strong 5–6 percent growth throughout 2018, setting up the industry to hit a record-breaking $170 billion in gross bookings. In order for hotels to capitalize on this trend, they need to think about how to engage guests throughout…

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Talbott Hotel Taps into Text Messaging to Drive Incremental Revenue

About Talbott Hotel Located in Chicago’s Gold Coast Historic District, Talbott Hotel is for guests who savor the finer things but are not interested in formality. Talbott Hotel is defined by its timeless modern architecture, well-appointed yet comfortable décor, and exceptional personalized customer service.   Objective Focused on delivering a fast and personalized experience for…

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