Best Customer Experiences | Trader Joe Tracking Through the Snow

Another hall of fame customer service story comes to us courtesy of the website Reddit and features the national grocery store chain Trader Joe’s. ( is an online community whose news-like content comes from its users, who then vote on the usefulness and quality of each story).

This is what happened:

An 89-year-old man in Pennsylvania became snowed in at his home during the holidays.

His daughter was concerned that he wasn’t going to have enough food to get him through the storm and she called several stores trying to
find someone who would deliver.


Even though they don’t normally deliver, Trader Joe’s rose to the occasion and said they would make an exception for the elderly man. Employees and staff took an order and even went so far as to suggest some items that would work with the man’s low-sodium diet. They truly gave him the best customer experience from beginning to end, defining some serious customer loyalty.

It gets better, they still went above and beyond. After the $50 order was placed, the Trader Joe’s employee told the woman she didn’t need to pay for it and to please have a Merry Christmas.

The food arrived within 30 minutes and the story went completely viral days later.

Enough said, good work Trader Joe’s!

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