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Our Culture
Our Mission is to Make Your Customers’ Experience Effortless

Work hard, play hard, give back.

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Zingle's Company Values

Put others first

We believe in putting our coworkers and customers first. As a company, we go the extra mile because we care. If someone is working on a deadline or project, we ask to help!

Take ownership

When we are working on a project, presentation or towards a deadline, we own it and take responsibility in the final outcome. We have a business owner’s mindset in all we do, being good stewards of the resources available to us.

Be a problem solver

We know that challenges, obstacles and problems will come our way. Complaining is not a strategy. We’re resourceful and clever and aim to solve problems, no matter what’s thrown our way.

Seek growth

We seek out constructive feedback to pursue the best versions of ourselves and our work. Comfort and trust describes our communications between other team members and leaders.

Be comfortable being uncomfortable

We know there will be bumps, so embrace being versatile. We understand that all cylinders must be firing to move forward. We’re on a rocket ship, embrace the ride!

The Perks

Medical, Dental, and Vision

Employees get competitive coverage of medical, dental and vision insurance.

Performance Based Bonuses

Zingle offers competitive bonus structures that span individual, team, and company objectives. 

Flexible Spending Accounts

Apply pre-tax dollars toward approved commute and health expenses. 

Family Medical Leave

Be with your loved ones during the times in life that matter most. 

Stock Options

Own a piece of Zingle, be rewarded for your hard work in the long run. 

Free Snacks and Drinks

Because why else work in tech? 


Invest pre-tax dollars toward your future.

Company Happy Hours

Lot's of options in beautiful San Diego, California!

Available Positions

Below are available roles based on department