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In 2020, Messaging Customers on Their Phones Seems Obvious.

But that wasn't always the case. Just 10 years ago, the concept of engaging customers directly via SMS and social messaging had not yet been imagined. Discover how Zingle re-defined customer experience by helping businesses tap into the largest communication medium ever known.


From Accountant to Inventor

In 2009, Zingle’s founder and CEO – Ford Blakely – realizes that his coffee takes way too long to order each morning. So, he set out to solve the problem of customers having to wait in line because really, who doesn’t “H8 to W8”?

Version 1.0

Within 12 months, Zingle had created the first customer text messaging platform for businesses. Version 1.0 consisted of one-way text-to-print features that allowed businesses to receive simple SMS texts from their customers, with only the ability to confirm receipt. This new-found ability solved a major customer experience issue for both product- and service-based businesses and Ford got his coffee far faster.

Twillio™ Introduces the World’s 1st SMS Messaging API

The team at Zingle capitalizes on Twillio’s move and begins working on Zingle first two-way messaging features.

V2: Two-Way Messaging is Introduced

In 2012, Zingle releases Version 2.0, notable for its two-way messaging features. For the first time, businesses were able to manage multiple SMS conversations with their customers or staff from a single web-based dashboard. This created new opportunities for business owners to improve operations and create better experiences for their customers.

Business Intelligence

With two-way messaging enabled, Zingle was now facilitating thousands of two-way conversations between a business and its customers. With this robust data came the opportunity for messaging analytics and a way for businesses to make smarter investment and staffing decisions based on messaging volume and performance reports.


Zingle released its first integration with HotSOS, a cloud-based, service optimization enterprise solution empowering over 70% of global hotel brands in more than 70 countries. We now integrate with more than 500 software providers via API, SFTP or simply through email and are enabling all kinds of businesses to better serve their customers.

Facebook Messenger

In 2016, Facebook announced the launch of its Messenger platform. Zingle’s Messenger integration continues to be a core part of our Platform and has paved the way for additional messaging integrations like WhatsApp, WeChat, web chat and more.

V3: Zings!

Zingle Version 3.0 gave users the ability to create automated communication workflows called Zings. Powered by data from their existing systems, Zings allow users to design and execute personalized engagement, service response and nurture campaigns that can run on autopilot.

V4: Artificial Intelligence

In 2017, Zingle began investing in artificial intelligence to accelerate its machine learning capabilities and real-time response optimization to help enable businesses to better serve their customers. This investment included the acquisition of, a hospitality focused computational linguistics and data science company, in 2018. With natural language processing and AI, intent-based automations safeguard against missed messages and ensure high priority customer needs are recognized and escalated to the right staff members.

The Future Looks Effortless…

Today, Zingle is powered by more than 50 employees in six countries all working together to help businesses make their customers’ experience effortless.