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Hotels reopen in June with COVID-friendly bells and whistles like Zingle.
Nobody wants to be a support ticket – the power of real-time communication and service recovery.
7 Ways To Be More Responsive To Your Customers.
New study finds that guests only report issues that impact their guest experience 25% of the time.
Research reveals most guests don’t report service issues.
Research: 45% of hotel guests prefer to report an issue via a messaging app rather than by phone, email, or in-person.
We are becoming more and more concerned that AI will replace humans in business.
Debunking automation myths in customer support.
Zingle expands hotel solution integrations, rolls out new guest communication features.
Zingle announces four new integrations to help hotels further personalize the guest experience.
Hospitality Messaging Company Zingle Raises $11 Million In Funding, Acquires Presto.bes
Zingle, a business-to-consumer messaging platform, has raised $11 million in a Series A round of funding.
Zingle Wants Hotels to Get the Message on Customer Service.
Chatbot usage on rise in travel, but effectiveness is tied to saving guests’ time.
Two-out-of-three Americans interact with AI chatbots, but we still prefer humans.
The Zingle app enables hotel management to interface with top-tier guests before and during their stay.
Zingle wants hotels to get the message on customer service.
Zingle named as One of the Best Tech Startups in Carlsbad in 2018.
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