Zing-It! Generating Real-time Customer Feedback & Reviews

Zing-It! Generating Real-time Customer Feedback & Reviews

In our new series called Zing-It!, we’ll show you various examples of how you can use Zingle’s workflow automation engine (called Zings) to streamline communication and improve employee efficiency while providing a better experience for your customers.

In this episode, we will highlight how to automate customer satisfaction surveys.

Customer feedback is the fuel that drives improvement for businesses.

Understanding how your customers feel about your product, service and overall brand experience can do two things: First is to help you improve on things that customers are complaining about, and second to get ideas to continue to innovate your product or provide new services.

However, getting feedback is harder than you think because businesses only get feedback from 4% of its dissatisfied customers. The keys to getting accurate feedback from customers are timeliness and the level of effort required.

This is where text messaging automation can help.

We will show you how businesses are using Zingle to automate customer satisfaction surveys in real-time to increase feedback and generate more positive online reviews.

Here’s how it works.

In this example, we will show how hotels are using automated guest satisfaction surveys to increase feedback, improve service recovery and generate more positive reviews, but the concept could easily be applied to other types of businesses as well.

There are two ways hotels are automating guest feedback surveys via text messaging.

1. Mid-stay & End of Stay Surveys

By automating mid-stay & end-of-stay surveys, hotels increase the chance of engaging guests while on property and identifying potential issues that guests may have but not take the time to call or speak with someone in person.

Zingle enables hotels to automate mid-stay & end-of-stay surveys based on the check-in/out date that is available with the integration to the hotel Property Management System like Oracle Opera.

2. Post-Interaction Surveys

Understanding how a recent service experience was for a guest can help improve both service efficiency and the items that the guest requested. For example, knowing how a guest feels about a recent room service experience can enable the hotel to find out how guests feel about the speed and accuracy of the service and if the food itself was satisfactory.

With Zingle, post-interaction surveys can be automated through integration with service optimization systems like Amadeus HotSOS.

With the integration of Zingle and HotSOS, automated surveys can be triggered when the service is marked complete in the HotSOS system, sending the guest a personalized survey about their recent room service experience.

This enables hotels to take immediate action when a guest responds negatively, rather than not knowing until it gets posted on a review site like TripAdvisor.

Turning Feedback into More Positive Reviews

What happens when a guest gives a negative or positive survey feedback? Zingle’s messaging automation capabilities can trigger responses based on how guests respond to the satisfaction survey.

When the response is negative (scoring 3 or below on a scale of 1-5).

If a guest responds negatively to a survey, Zingle can trigger a text message or email alert to the manager on duty, enabling him or her to quickly contact the guest to resolve the issue at hand. This gives the manager a chance to fix the problem before the guest leaves the property.

When the response is positive (scoring a 4 or above on a scale of 1-5).

If a guest response positively to a survey, Zingle can then trigger an automated response for the guest to leave a review on TripAdvisor or any other review sites. These responses are usually automated for an end-of-stay survey.

As you can see, by automating surveys through Zingle, hotels, as well as other types of businesses, can increase customer feedback for improvement, while helping to drive more positive online reviews and improve overall brand reputation.

To learn more about automating surveys with Zingle, Schedule a 15-Minute Strategy Session Today.

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